OW Season 2

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The OW Season 2 is the second season of the Open Wheelers series. The mod used for this season was the GP3 mod.

OW Season 2
Competition Open Wheelers
Title Sponsor TBA
Platform Used rFactor 2
Rounds 12
Mod Used WCS GP3 Series
Drivers 34
Teams 17
Drivers' Champion -
Teams' Champion -
Open Wheeler Seasons
S1 - S2

Teams & Drivers

The amount of team slots was set at 17, allowing a total of 34 drivers to participate. Car numbers were assigned based on the results of the standings of the previous Formula 3 season in 2017.

Team Name Team Owner Abbreviation No. Race Drivers Rounds Test/Reserve Driver(s)
Netherlands CM-Tech Racing

Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra

CM-Tech 1 Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra TBC
45 Netherlands Rienk Hoekstra
England Enterprise GP

England James Kirk

Enterprise 14 Croatia Antonio Hreljanovic Finland Mikko Suokas
49 England Daniel Brewer
Netherlands Holland Racing Team

Netherlands Dethan Roothring

HRT 42 Netherlands Stephane Rouault TBC
43 Netherlands Gerrit de Vries
Sweden Ice Cold Racing

Sweden Tobias Olsson

Ice Cold 71 Sweden Tobias Olsson Sweden Eric Stranne
91 Sweden Johan Lindberg
England Intrepid Autosport

England Chris Kinsman

Intrepid 5 England Chris Kinsman TBC
55 Netherlands Niels Vos
England JP Performance

England Joe Watts

JP 69 England Richard Brooks TBC
77 England Joe Watts
Malta Malta Force GP

Malta Jason Muscat

Malta Force 11 Malta Jason Muscat Netherlands Menno Klont
12 England Chris Shepherd
England MDR Motorsports

England Jack Mayor

MDR 34 Netherlands Wesley Stefano England Jack Mayor
66 Netherlands Mike Kwint
Netherlands Measuric Racing

Netherlands Mike Schroten

Measuric 8 England Eric Stanford Netherlands Mike Schroten
16 Portugal Sergio Azevdeo
Netherlands Performance Racing

Netherlands Roy Verzijl

PRT 25 Netherlands Casper Onwijn Netherlands Roy Verzijl
26 England Aidan Polson
Spain Positive Simracing

Spain Javier Álvarez Benedí

Positive 23 Netherlands Lars Brugman Austria Kevin Siggy
29 United States Sven de Vries
Netherlands Racing Team Schroten

Netherlands Roy Schroten

RTS 11 Netherlands Roy Schroten TBC
28 Belgium Marco Vandenbroeck
United States Satellite Racing

United States Matt Strand

Satellite 4 United States Jacob Pegg Croatia Damir Vuk
64 England Ryan Nash
Canada STAX Racing

Germany Christian Zörner

STAX 36 England Rob Mason TBC
37 France Geoffrey Fournier
Malta TG Racing

Malta Terence Grech

TG 7 Australia Thomas Hinss Malta Terence Grech
87 Wales Matt Richards
Mexico TR Bluvos Motorsports

Mexico Michael Teichmann

TR 35 Mexico Michael Teichmann Spain Xavi Ros
65 England Richard Sturges
Belgium Wauters Automotive

Belgium Andreas Wauters

Wauters 30 Netherlands Niels Brugman Belgium Bart de Vos
33 Hungary Daniel Cziranku