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World Championship Simracing League (WCSLeague) is a simracing organisation that organises online league races.


The Old Times (2010 - 2013)

In the old times WCSLeague used to be a prominent league, mainly known for their Clio Cup seasons.

The Revival (2016 - Now)

In 2016, WCSLeague made its comeback, starting their new series in 2017. The first two series they would provide are Formula 3 and BMW E90. This would provide a good mixture of open-wheel and closed-wheel action. The main goal of the revival was to create a league that was focused around close, action-packed racing. The mods were selected based on that criterium and the regulations were also formed to assist that purpose.

After the successful first seasons, in which Wopke Hoekstra (Formula 3) and Argo Teder (BMW E90) were crowned as the drivers champions, the second seasons started in June of 2017. The mods selected were the GP3 mod and the Renault Megane mod.