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Wopke Hoekstra is a driver in the WCSLeague. He is currently signed at CM-Tech Racing, of which he is the owner as well, in the GP3 championship. He is also the reigning Open Wheelers champion, and currently the head of the Disciplinary Committee. His father, Rienk Hoekstra, is also a racing driver in the WCSLeague. They are currently team mates in the GP3 series.


Season 1

In 2017, it became known that Hoekstra would be driving for his own team, CM-Tech Racing in the Formula 3 series. His goals were clear, score a lot of points and podiums. The season should become CM-Tech Racing's most succesful one up to now. After a few rounds into the season, Hoekstra managed to pick up his first podium in the second race of the French GP. This podium was immediately a win and the team was over the moon with the result. After a relatively bad round at the United States North GP, Hoekstra won another 3 second races in a row, with the third of those wins being followed by another 4 straight wins, bringing his winning streak to a total of 5. These wins ensured that Hoekstra had scored enough points to become the drivers' champion. Interestingly, Hoekstra never managed to score a podium unless it was a win, with his 8 wins being all his 8 podium scores.

Season 2

Hoekstra signed himself up for the GP3 championship, hoping to continue where he left off. In the first round of the season, he managed to score a double podium finish. These podiums were his first podiums that were not wins. However, despite not winning a race, he scored enough points to take the lead of the championship again.