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CM-Tech Racing is a simracing team, formed by the Dutchman Wopke Hoekstra. The team is located in Schoonhoven, Netherlands. They are currently competing in both the GP3 Series and the Megane Trophy.



Before CM-Tech Racing joined the WCSLeague, the team participated in a two championships hosted by another league, the GPVWC. Unfortunately, both attempts were relatively unsuccesful with the team failed to score a finishing position better than 10th. After they heard of the resurrection of the WCSLeague, they quickly moved over to that league and entered both championships.


In the first season of 2017, where CM-Tech Racing participated in both the Formula 3 series and the BMW E90 series, they managed to grab 3rd place in the Formula 3 constructors' standings and 2nd place in the BMW E90 constructors' standings. However, in both series it was one of their drivers that was crowned as a champion, with Wopke Hoekstra winning the Formula 3 championship and Argo Teder winning the BMW E90 championship. Heading into the second season, the team is hoping to reproduce these results, but is aware of how difficult it will be.